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He ra e to, he ra e putamai ano.

Black & white edition of 4
Colour fills edition of 6

He ra e to, he ra e puta mai ano

When one sun sets, another will rise

Te Hokioi e rere atu na - The warbird flies out to you. This was the first Maori newspaper run by Maori, for Maori and about Maori.  It is the first published Maori literature we have.  This newspaper, run by the Maori King was a strategic move in a time, pre Land Wars that would see the ability of Maori to combine resources through the Kingitanga and utilise new technology to empower themselves and their people.  Maori were leaders in Aotearoas economy and were grossly underestimated by the foreign government.  Interestingly, not a year after the newspaper was running the government crossed the river into the Kings territory and the horrific 'Land Wars' began and the news paper would never be printed again.  Te Hokioi the mighty war bird was silenced. 

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